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I'm a Trends Pro subscriber and big fan of Dru's work. This is one of the few newsletters to reach my inbox.

Rosie Sherry

Conmunity Lead, Orbit

Love the clear thinking, simple and elegant presentation of the reports and the way they connects the dots between markets for you. Takes you to school week after week.

Karthik Puvvada (KP)

Program Director, OnDeck

The amount of value creates for entrepreneurs is hard to put into words. Get Trends Pro immediately.

Andrew Gazdecki

Founder and CEO, MicroAcquire

This is one of my top 3 email newsletters that I subscribe to.

Hiten Shah

CEO and Co-Founder, Nira

Such an amazing community.

Espree Devora


Amazing newsletter. One of the ones I always open right away when I get it in my inbox

Yaroslaw Bagriy


Do yourself a favor and subscribe to It's a crystal ball into the next 3-5 years with amazing insights.

Sam Schrup

Founder, TextRetailer

My favorite newsletter. Insane amount of value.

Ethan Jones

Tools for MGMT

If there's a single most useful piece of advice to cut out of it, I'd say subscribe to I've been reading the newsletter for few months and just joined Trends Pro.

Igor Krasnik

CTO, Paralect Accelerator

I ended up starting a new company because of Trends Pro is the best investment I've made this year.

Raj Kunkolienkar

Co-Founder, Stoa School

Probably the best newsletter I have ever read. It played an important part in me deciding to become a maker again.

Thomas Jacquesson

Co-Founder, Pony Express Studio

Trends Pro is gold. One week in. It's already paid for itself.

Illya Sterin

Senior Director of Engineering, Medidata Solutions

Dru has a unique way of distilling information. He simplifies down into a digestible email that I always finish. Enjoying Trends Pro and highly recommend!

Bilal Zaidi

Creator Lab

I finally got a subscription to Trends Pro. About time! I've been working through the backlog. So much insight and clarity. Every report is an explosion of opportunities!

Arvid Kahl

The Bootstrapped Founder

Daily standups have been insightful.

Janel Loi

Program Manager, OnDeck

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