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Jack Butcher on Million-Dollar, One-Person Businesses
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Rob Walling on Bootstrap Funds, Micro-SaaS and Profit Sharing
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Hiten Shah on Remote Work
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Andrew Gazdecki on Micro PE, Managed Marketplaces and Micro-SaaS
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Linda Xie on NFTs, DeFi and Social Tokens
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Courtland Allen on Competitor Risk and Structured Interviews
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Francces Odera Matthews on Digital Products
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Tyler Gillespie on Productized Services and Online Courses
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Janel Loi on Presales, Paid Communities, Crowdsourcing and Digital Products

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Stay productive and accountable with daily, async standups. We've held 1,000+ daily standups with 35,000+ progress updates.


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What 1,000+ Trends Pro Members are Saying...

Uwe Dreissigacker
Founder, InvoiceBerry

"Being part of a community with 1,000+ builders in Trends Pro is a great way to share new ideas and bounce around thoughts. I came for the reports but stayed for the community."

Nicolás Cerdeira
Founder, Failory

"Trends Pro is amazing. I join each daily standup, each mastermind call and read all of the reports. I've met some incredible people in the community."

Co-Founder, Ansured

"I love the content and rituals within Trends Pro. The community vibe is educational and respectful no matter where you are in your bootstrapper journey."

Sean Hua

"I've met some of the smartest people I know through Trends Pro. There is an immeasurable wisdom, grit, humility and humor across the community."

Lola Ojabowale
Founder, Integrations Directory

“Trends Pro is a very thoughtful community of other curious entrepreneurs and builders. My absolute favorite parts are the masterminds and standups. I've received such helpful feedback for Integrations Directory being involved in the community.”

Wit Sumathavanit
One-Person Hedge Fund

“It’s great to be part of an ever-evolving community of interesting people in Trends Pro. I look forward to contributing more to the community.”

Stewart Townsend
Co-Founder, Podcast Hawk

“It’s been amazing over the years to meet like-minded people in Trends Pro from across the globe who all want to help, understand what you are doing, share knowledge, join your company and become your friends.”

Prabhjot Singh Lamba

“I learn from everyone in my Trends Pro Mastermind and always look forward to my weekly call. In Trends Tribe, I meet amazing people for 1-1 chats.”

Maciej Cupial
Founder, Calendesk

“I joined Trends Pro by buying a MetaTrends NFT. I immediately loved the Standups idea. It has been almost 240 days! I haven't missed a day without doing this. Standups help me track my progress and let me be my own boss.”

Elom Maurice
Founder, Delverise

“The best part of being in Trends Pro is the masterminds.  I get to chat every week with other founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are all building and working on awesome things to discuss our challenges and give each other feedback.”

Michael Pearson-Adams

“Trends Pro has become a part of my day, a part of my life. I've made friends, created great contacts, and have access to an amazing hive mind of incredible people when I need it.”

Eric Chou
Founder, Network Automation Nerds

“I get a lot of value from talking to other mastermind members and I enjoy reading reports about topics that I did not know existed.”

Yuyu Salim
Founder, ClinicGeek

“Trends Pro keeps me accountable and it's very comforting to be surrounded by like-minded people in the community.“

Stanislav Bodiagin

“Trends Pro Masterminds help me find new ideas, support and stay motivated. It’s inspiring to be around founders who are doing what I dream of.”

Founder, Petite Fashion Weekly

“I'm grateful to have found a place to expedite my learning and be surrounded by such kind and generous entrepreneurs.”

Yarty Kim
Founder, Kick Ass Life

“The Trends Pro Community has been a treasure trove of insights and collaboration. I've met some of the smartest, friendliest, and most humble people here.”

Davida Pitts
Founder, Orange Moon Creative

“Unlocking the Trends Pro Masterminds has literally changed my life. Having a place every week to bounce my ideas around has done wonders for my creative process.”

Serg Valencia

“I have met fascinating people in Trends Pro. I like learning about the journeys of people who bring their ideas to life. From a distance, I cheer for the success of all Trends Pro Members.”

Tom Maciejewski
Founder, ContentWay

“The real game changer for me are the masterminds. With such engaged and friendly people! You don’t get to masterminds because you paid for it, you need to earn it through persistence.”

Stephanie Hekker
Founder, The Crowd List

“Everyone in Trends Pro has been friendly and willing to help! I’ve hit the goal of joining a mastermind group and now I have a small group of folks to discuss goals and how we can help each other!”

Marc Fletcher
Founder, ThinkSee

“I've been impressed & encouraged by the calibre of content and members in Trends Pro. Dru is an inspirational character whose dedication to providing value is evident.”

Martin Slaney
Founder, Product Prompts

“The full-length reports are essential reading, I learn so much. The community has been incredible - feel like I'm going to make some long-term relationships as a result of being part of it.”

Reme Ekoh
Founder, Bezalel AI

“The English dictionary lacks a word that adequately and sufficiently captures my experience with Trends Pro. So I will settle for ‘overwhelmingly impressive’.”

Alessandro Franceschi
Founder, Tiny Puppet

“I find daily standups surprisingly useful. The effect of sharing progress updates "in public" has powerful motivational effects.”

Thomas Sorheim Danielsen
Founder, Practical AI

“Masterminds are a game changer for your business, as well as your personal growth. If you take advantage of all that Trends Pro offers, you will accelerate your business and life beyond imagination.”

Mehmet Gonullu
Host, The CTO Show

“Trends Pro is fantastic. I am meeting like-minded people. Daily standups are great for committing to daily goals. While my mastermind is the tribe where I commit to weekly goals.”

Thorben Schlätzer
Founder, The Impact

“I am thoroughly impressed with the Trends Pro Reports and the insight they provide. The community is incredibly supportive and helpful.”

Mark Grimes
Founder, Felonious Nun

“The great thing about connecting with founders in Trends Pro is that everyone is on a level playing field. Whether a founder is just starting out or well into an established business.”

Andrew Govender
Founder, Casual Sushi

“I have been enjoying the experience in Trends Pro, I've built new habits and gained exposure to high-leverage insights on a daily basis.”

Maisha L. Cannon
Founder, The Collab Lab, Inc.

“Trends Pro is a phenomenal community. The site is well organized and accessible, and there's a lot of information to explore.”

Rachel Smith
Founder, Rachel's English

“Trends Pro is an interesting place to engage with founders at various points of their journey. I’m looking forward to getting to know more founders.”

Vinamra Agrawal
Founder, Brandhero

“I love the way people help each other in the Trends Pro Community. There’s an excellent vibe here.”

Dale Williams

“I have loved the experience in Trends Pro since I jumped in. It has the right mix of content, curiosity and gamification. For me it has exceeded expectations.”

Vishal Srivastava
Founder, Trainedge

“I’ve been a Trends Pro member for over 2 years and I love the community. It's a community that cares about us and is always ready to help.”

Bernardt J. Vogel
Founder, New World Angels

“The seamless and open approach to interacting with others makes using Trends Pro a pleasure. I highly recommend it to anyone who is curious and likes to stay relevant with the latest trends.”

Vladyslav Budichenko
Founder, TheDevBook

“I like standups, masterminds and the format of 1:1 Founder Intros.”

Jameson Lyon
Founder, Create Connected

“Being part of the Trends Pro Community has introduced me to people who share the “I found a problem, so I built a solution” mentality.”

Elie Steinbock
Founder, ShareMint

“I love the weekly mastermind sessions in Trends Pro. I haven't missed a week in the 6 months or so I've been doing it.”

Abeiene Nejar
Co-Founder, No BS Insights

“Trends Pro is a great community and I love using the reports as reference points for my business and client work.”

Eddie Forson
Founder, EnVsion

“Being part of Trends Pro has been great so far! I’m looking forward to joining Masterminds where I can grow even faster along with other ambitious founders.”

Jwalant Patel

“My favorite aspects of Trends Pro are masterminds and Trends Pro Reports.”

Luciano Viterale
Founder, Ticker Nerd

“Standups let you see what other founders are working on and if you need help you can ask. I also find the Trends Pro reports genuinely helpful.”

Brianna Brazle
Founder, CultureLancer

“Trends Pro has been one of the best investments I have made in the past few years. Dru has truly been able to do something magical to build this community.”

Jesper Delporte
Founder, Cheegs

“The accountability and support that comes with the daily stand-ups and masterminds in Trends Pro is amazing.”

Jakub Nowikowski
Founder, Languive

“I'm impressed with the community and stand-up approach. I've been looking for a place like this with like-minded people for a long time.”

Errol Tiozon

“It’s awesome to be surrounded with founders in Trends Pro who are there to help you out and give you real-time insights into market trends.”

Vikash Kumar Prajapati
Founder, Bulk Mockup

“I understand the significance of being part of a community of builders and high-performing individuals. I'm eager to join Masterminds and reap the benefits of this amazing community.”

Brenton Price
Co-Founder, AVNT/ Collective

“The Trends Pro community is supportive and inspiring. It keeps me accountable as I get more involved.”

Founder, bric

“ was one of the few newsletters I kept reading and I’m glad I decided to join the Trends Pro Community.”

Jordan Divecha
Founder, Everyday Innovation

“I’ve made great friends and met collaborators in Trends Pro. I’m always learning from Trends Pro Members in the community and masterminds while building alongside awesome people!”

Sumant Yerramilly
Founder, Assembly Industries

“It’s nice to see other founders go through the ups and downs together. This gives me comfort knowing that we are on this journey of entrepreneurship together.”

Nik McFly
Founder, Hybrain.Academy

“I love Trends Pro. The reports are great and the community is awesome.”

Frank Jones
Founder, ENC Explorer

“I recently returned to the Trends Pro Community. Today, I'm just over a week into a standup streak shooting for the 30-day mastermind goal.”

Edward Danilyuk
Founder, Black Mammoth

“Dru and the team do a great job of diving into different topics. These would take me weeks if not months to do the research on.”

Hamed Mohammadpour
Founder, Dolores

“Entrepreneurship is hard and having motivated, ambitious people around is very helpful. The Trends Pro Community and reports are top-notch. I’m learning a lot from each of them.”

Jordon McKoy
Founder, Benji

“I’ve grown to appreciate not only Trends Pro Reports and the insights they hold, but the community that lives around them. It’s been inspiring to see everyone’s growth, willingness to share and collaborate.”

Tony Tong
Founder, Mindreader

“Trends Pro has been keeping me disciplined in updating my daily progress. As a founder, having an accountability group is quite important. It's a whole different identity and mentality to be your own boss.”

Karthik Vijayakumar
Copywriter, Podcast Host

“I’m glad I discovered Trends Pro. I really like standups. Reading other people’s updates can teach me a lot. They help me build my one-person business.”

Founder, Applaud

“The Trends Pro Community has been helpful in providing well-needed perspective, support and accountability.”

Mike Giannakopoulos
Founder, Team O’clock

“I recently joined Trends Pro and since then:
- I've experienced the sense of community through sharing and reading Daily Standups.
- Two founders have reached out to me for 1-1 calls.
- Got featured in Founder Finds.”

Ivan Zografski
Founder, Solveo

“I check Trends Pro at 10:30 AM every day. This is my go-to place to stay ahead of the curve in my thinking and business.”

Kevin Galang
Founder, A Team Overseas

“I'm a big fan of the Trends Pro Community. It has been a major influence on me as a founder.”

Kevin C. Whelan
Founder, How to Sell Advice

I love being a Trends Pro member. The concise yet in-depth summaries of niche businesses help you find hidden gems few people know about.”

Joe Montanino
Founder, Bigrobot

“Standups keep me accountable. Fellow founders help me progress with expert advice. Looking forward to solving progress together in Masterminds.”

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Trends Pro Reports

Learn from 140+ reports on topic such as No-Code, Million-Dollar, One-Person Business to Micro-SaaS.

Join Daily Standups

We’ve hosted 1,000+daily standups with more than 35,000 progress updates.

Weekly 1:1 Intros

Join standups to get matched with a new founder friend each week for 1:1 chats.

See Upcoming Reports

Collaborate on and contribute to upcoming reports.

Meet Friends

Meet cofounders, collaborators and life-long friends in Trends Pro.

Get Expert Feedback

Get feedback from 1,000+ experienced founders.

Curated Tools

We’ve shared hundreds of tools to help you become more productive.

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Stay accountable, connect with like-minded founders, cross-pollinate ideas and solve problems.

100k+ Discounts

Get access to $100k+ in startup discounts on AWS, Twilio and more.

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Success Stories

Andrew met his co-founder in the Trends Pro Community and launched the Micro Private Equity firm, XOXO Capital.
Mushfiq launched The Website Flip, now a 6-figure newsletter, after reading the Paid Newsletters report.
Alex launched Lanva and generated $4,034 in preorders within 48 hours using insights from the Presales and Competitor Risk reports.
Max dicovered NFTs in a report and launched Solid NFT. A printing service to display NFTs. He’s now full-time on it.
Josh saved $650 and 25+ hours for his agency, Brighter Fire, with two platform recommendations found within one month of becoming a Trends Pro Member.
Max learned that paid membership is a viable monetization strategy for 100DaysOfNoCode from reading the Paid Communities report. He turned a side project into a business.
Uwe joins daily standups to stay accountable. He’s improved hiring decisions at InvoiceBerry with feedback from Trends Pro Members.
Rick generates deal flow and finds talent for companies as an angel investor at CRAAG Angel Group and advisor to several private equity firms.
Elom joins standups for accountability. He relaunched Delverise while keeping up with his day job and workout routine. Fun Fact: Delverise built this landing page.

What Trends Pro Members are Saying

I'm a Trends Pro subscriber and big fan of Dru's work. This is one of the few newsletters to reach my inbox.

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Rosie Sherry
Conmunity Lead, Orbit

Love the clear thinking, simple and elegant presentation of the reports and the way they connects the dots between markets for you. Takes you to school week after week.

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Karthik Puvvada (KP)
Program Director, OnDeck

The amount of value creates for entrepreneurs is hard to put into words. Get Trends Pro immediately.

Andrew Gazdecki
Founder and CEO, MicroAcquire

This is one of my top 3 email newsletters that I subscribe to.

Expert Image
Hiten Shah
CEO and Co-Founder, Nira

Such an amazing community.

Espree Devora

Amazing newsletter. One of the ones I always open right away when I get it in my inbox.

Yaroslaw Bagriy

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to It's a crystal ball into the next 3-5 years with amazing insights.

Sam Schrup
Founder, TextRetailer

My favorite newsletter. Insane amount of value.

Ethan Jones
Tools for MGMT

If there's a single most useful piece of advice to cut out of it, I'd say subscribe to I've been reading the newsletter for few months and just joined Trends Pro.

Igor Krasnik
CTO, Paralect Accelerator

I ended up starting a new company because of Trends Pro is the best investment I've made this year.

Raj Kunkolienkar
Co-Founder, Stoa School

Probably the best newsletter I have ever read. It played an important part in me deciding to become a maker again.

Thomas Jacquesson
Co-Founder, Pony Express Studio

Trends Pro is gold. One week in. It's already paid for itself.

Illya Sterin
Senior Director of Engineering, Medidata Solutions

Dru has a unique way of distilling information. He simplifies down into a digestible email that I always finish. Enjoying Trends Pro and highly recommend!

Bilal Zaidi
Creator Lab

I finally got a subscription to Trends Pro. About time! I've been working through the backlog. So much insight and clarity. Every report is an explosion of opportunities!

Arvid Kahl
The Bootstrapped Founder

Daily standups have been insightful.

Expert Image
Janel Loi
Program Manager, OnDeck

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